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 Mission Trip 2018-Providence RI

Group Photo from 2018 Mission Trip


Pray for Peace Around the World


The Board of Missions at First Church supports non-profit organizations as an outreach of this church. Our giving represents who we are in the community.  Members of our church support organizations through their designated pledges, and have charged us to choose to whom the money goes. While we individually support the church to enrich our spiritual lives, as a group we support the Board of Missions to enrich the lives of others.  We provide monetary support for low-income housing in Coventry by assisting with our church apartments and do Mission Trips to help others in other countries or within the US.  The Board of Missions also support the wider missions of the United Church of Christ – One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, Strengthen the Church, and The Christmas Fund (formerly Veterans of the Cross.)

October:  We support Church World Services by participating in our annual CROP Walk in October each year, in conjunction with Second Congregational Church.  Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty. Funds raised through this walk fight hunger and poverty both at home and across the globe, with 25% of the money raised coming back to Coventry as a donation to the Food Bank.

November:  We hold our second annual Bruce John Sock Drive, to benefit the No Freeze Shelter in Willimantic.  Gently used and clean socks will be collected, along with new socks for which the Board will donate $1 for every new pair donated.  We will also collect gently used coats, jackets and sweaters to benefit WAIM, Windham Area Interfaith Ministries.

December:   Gifts will be purchased by individuals via gift tags provided by DCF.  This will give 25 children under their care a Christmas gift they wish for.  We will also collect bibs, sippie cups and wipes as DCF always is in need of these items.

Pew Envelopes:  In each pew, there is a specially marked “Missions Donation” envelope.  Monthly we support a mission via these donations. October we support Church World Services, November we support the No Freeze Shelter, and in December we support the Coventry Clergy Fuel Bank.  We also have an “Anonymous Givers Fund” on Communion Sundays to fund a pastor’s discretionary resource to provide prompt, confidential assistance to people in need.

Board of Missions:  Robin Carlson, Kris Jacobi, Jim Frank, Cyndy Skripol, Joyce Knowlton and Joyce Wicks.